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Eureka Trade, an Israel-based company, is an official distributor of unique, Anti-Static ESD cleaning and working equipment.

Many of our products are used by leading companies, and our clients include tech industries, pharmaceutical industries and all hazardous environments, including the ATEX industry.

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional value to our customer’s business, with uncompromising safety standards they can count on. We are doing that thanks to our unique products - high quality anti static, Non Sparking ESD Tools & brushes.

Why Eureka Trade?

Focus on quality - premium products thanks to high quality materials.

Meeting the highest safety standards in the market.

Proven experience dealing with ESD & Non Sparking Tools and brushes, working with some of the biggest and leading companies in the fields of safety and technology.

Our customers first - Service and customers oriented approach.

Versatile product line - special and customized products for precise demands.

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